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Contact Information

The Lopez Law Firm, PLLC is committed to providing exceptional client services. Please email your attorney or text us at:

704- 568-9228

Text and email are the fastest ways for clients to communicate with us. Calls to the office may take up to a week for a response.


Policy Towards Clients

  • Since navigating through the immigration system can be confusing and a frequently stressful situation, we strive to be as respectful, honest, and ethical with each client regarding their legal situation.
  • We do our very best to be there for each and every client by returning text messages within 24 hours. Phone calls will be return within a week.
  • We empower each client by sending questionnaires and document checklists electronically, as well as allowing them to review forms before we file forms and packages with the appropriate agencies.
  • We always strive to communicate legal strategies with each client from beginning to end.  We understand the process is never simple or easy to understand.  No question is never too “stupid” to ask.
  • We give each client a flat fee agreement that allows each client to understand what the entire process and its costs will entail.
  • Clients always have a right to request their documentation and paperwork that has been sent out on their behalf and been received on their behalf, i.e. a copy of their client file.

INSZoom for Clients

  • INSZoom is an immigration case management system that we use to our advantage to be efficient and save time.
  • With this system, we email our clients links to our questionnaires to complete immigration forms and to our checklists to gather documents for a speedy return to us.
  • We also email links to forms for review to print and return to us signed, especially for clients who live at a lengthy distance from Charlotte.